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SYC Membership

The Stockton Yacht Club is Welcoming New Members!


Dear Delta Boater,

Are you getting full value from your boat? Are you out there enjoying the Delta every weekend?  Does your significant other enjoy boating?  Or are they reluctantly putting up with it just to please you.  Do you find yourself using the boat less and less?  How would you like to expand your boating and social activities and cruise to different ports in the company of other boaters?  Want to get more fun out of life and more use out of your boat?  Then join the Stockton Yacht Club.

Advantages of Yacht Club Membership:

Yacht Club membership changes the nature of boating.  With Yacht Club membership, boating becomes a social activity.  Instead of you enjoying the Delta, it becomes you and your fellow club members enjoying the Delta.  We usually have a social event every month. 


Our cruising season begins in March and extends through November, which includes an Opening Day Parade and a 10-day Bay Cruise.  It is very comforting to go with a group if you are new to the Delta, particularly if we are going to some of the out of the way clubs.  Past cruises have seen towing, engine repair, pulling some one off the mud, clearing a fouled prop, or other mishaps.  If the channel is poorly marked, it's reassuring to follow someone in or have someone coach you in on the radio.  If you are new to the game, we can assign you a buddy boat - although we all monitor channel 16 or 68.

Club Membership Privileges: 

SYC is a member of the Pacific Inter-Club Yachting Association (PICYA), which includes more than 98 yacht clubs. By virtue of the club’s affiliation with PICYA, your club membership card entitles you to guest privileges at any other yacht club, around the Delta, Bay, on the West Coast, in Mexico, and in fact in most places - around the world.  The only exception that we know of is the St. Francis YC - you have to come by boat to be a guest.

About the Club:

Our facility includes a galley, cocktail lounge, restrooms with showers, barbecues, horseshoe pits, ship store and bagged ice. There is even a pet stool disposal. The Clubhouse is available to members for private parties for a small fee. The bar is available to members and their guests at any time, on an honor basis when there is not a club event.

We have a monthly news letter, the Bulletin, which will keep you informed as to what’s happening.

We are a volunteer club.  We generally don’t have paid employees.  When we put on a dinner, members do the set-up, the cooking, and the clean up.  Every few months, we have a club clean up day.  Help is always appreciated.

Guests: You are free to bring your guests to the club.  Please sign them in the guest log as we are a non-profit corporation and we have to keep records of guests.  If you want to use the club for a party or event you need to schedule it with the Member Event Chairperson.

With annual dues of only $400 per year, an active cruising and social schedule, the Stockton Yacht Club is an exceptional value.

Membership Fees:

Annual Membership Dues = $400.  One time Initiation Fee = $300 (due upon application).`

Great news for New Members!  New Members will receive $100 in Stockton Yacht club scrip.  Spend scrip at the club for dinner, at the bar, and/or at the ships store.  This results in an initiation fee net cost of $200!
(Exception: Scrip cannot be used for catered meals or to pay dues)